Jaco Smit lives in our community.  He is a devout Christian, and like many others in his circle, spends much of his time guiding and mentoring troubled young people trapped in the evil and destructive web of drugs and narcotics — in our very own community. Yes, the Moot is shockingly mired by the shear volume of all sorts of drugs available to our children. He did not want to divulge to much information, but wrote this heartfelt peace to his troubled friends. This is how Jaco shows community - communion - Christ, to these lost souls, outcasts, lepers of our community

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KPR staan vir: Red die lewe van jou geliefde

Ek en my man was verlede jaar bevoorreg genoeg om een van die KPR (kardiopulmonêre resussitasie) kursusse wat deur BMWCID gereël was gratis by te woon.

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