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Lengthy Sentence For Sex Offender


Warrant Officer Melanie Smit from the SAPS’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offence Unit (FCS) in front of Moot Police station


The South African Police Service (SAPS) has noted and welcomed the lengthy sentence that was given to a rapist that was arrested at Pretoria-Moot.

A 23 year old man was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on 26 April 2016 at the Pretoria Regional court after he was found guilty on one count of rape and two of sexual assault on two minor boys.

The parents of the two boys were shocked when they heard about the allegations against the offender. The offender was a trusted person and a promising university student who was studying to become a pastor. He volunteered at various Christian  children’s camps and was involved at a house of safety for disadvantage children. When the offender was confronted, he admitted to the crimes that occurred over a period of three years.

The Acting Cluster Commander for the Tshwane Central Cluster, Major General André Wiese applauded the investigating officer, Warrant Officer Melanie Smit from the SAPS’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offence Unit (FCS) for the dedication and commitment she put into the investigation.

Warrant Officer Smit urges parents to establish a relationship of faith and trust with their children. She further shares the following safety tips with parents:

  • Ask questions when your child tells you that he or she does not want to be with someone.
  • Listen to them and believe what they say.
  • Be aware of changes in your child’s behavior or attitude and inquire into it.
  • Pay attention when someone shows greater than normal interest in your child.
  • Know everything you can about your children’s activities, whereabouts and their friends.
  • Do not allow sleepovers unless you know the family well and have been to their home many times.
  • Remind your child frequently that no adult should ever ask him/her to keep secrets.
  • Children should understand that parts of their body are private and that it is not okay for just anyone to touch them

Assist the Gauteng SAPS to fight fraud, corruption, unethical behavior or any other suspicious activities that could be detrimental to our success by phoning the Gauteng Standby Provincial Duty numbers: Duty General 082 313 8299, Duty Brigadier 082 444 4354.


Villieria Police Member Beaming With Pride


WO Gina de Beer (Villieria SAPS), her daughter Gizelle de Beer.Warrant Officer was a proud mother when her daughter received an outstanding music reward. Gizelle de Beer a Gr. 9 pupil in Oos-Moot High school participate at the Barnyard art festival “Sing for the Stars”.

She went through to be a finalist and on 27 April she won the English pop division children age 14-18 years and she was also the Jnr High school winner.

Villieria SAPS congratulate the member with the achievements of her daughter, and because it is Child Protection Week the police also want to emphasize the important role that parents play in the upbringing of their children.

The following tips can be provided to try and ensure that your child succeed in life:

  • Be involve in your child’s life
  • Encourage healthy after school activities
  • Know the whereabouts of your child
  • Try and keep a positive attitude towards life so that your child can also adapt that attitude
  • Good manners always get you somewhere in life
  • Talk to your child about their day
  • Listen to your child
  • If your child show any signs of different behavior try and find out what is the course and act on it.

Parents have a huge role to play in the way their children behave and their attitude towards life.

Parents are the first line in bringing up a law abiding citizen.


Together With The Youth


Villieria Police Station was treated to hot chocolate and muffins on a Saturday night 2016-05-14.


The pupils of the Dutch Reformed Church of 24th ave Villieria that is almost at the end of their confirmation class were welcomed at Villieria SAPS on Saturday night.

The following information was conveyed to the pupils:

  • The role they can play in their community.
  • Procedure when you report a crime.
  • The role of the CPF together with the sector policing.
  • What is the Youth Desk Forum?
  • How can I get involve?
  • How can I, or we prevent crime in our community?
  • What happen to you when you are arrested?

The evening was very successful and all 15 pupils signed up for the youth forum. By initiating these events better communication between the youth and the SAPS can be establish, this can play a vital role in crime prevention in the area.

The SAPS need the youth to stand together against crime.

On the 18 June 2016 all the youth of the area is invited to attend a campaign against crime at Jack le Roux rugby stadium East Lynn from 09:00. This campaign is taking on the form of a picnic in the park. Although it will be a fulfilled event all young pupils will be given time to sign up for the youth desk established in the area.

The Youth Crime Desk is a way to mobilize young people to voluntarily assist the Saps in terms of social crime prevention, creating a safer environment for kids and students in schools.

For any additional information on how to get involved in the Youth desk project, please contact Warrant Officer Marinda Swanepoel at Villieria SAPS (012) 403 8609


WiFi “hotspot”? eerder “Crime hotspot”!

In MootGi se April 2016 nuusbrief het ons gemeenskapslede gewaarsku teen misdaad wat rondom hierdie “hotspots” plaasvind. Die artikel het spesifiek uitgelig hoe kinders en vrouens wat van dié diens gebruik maak — by skole veral — teikens word vir misdadigers.

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Huisrowe in Suid-AfriKa

Interessante statistiese navorsing deur dr Zinn van Unisa met betrekking tot huisrowe in Suid-Afrika
  1. Agt uit 10 residensiële inbrake vind plaas met inligting voorsien deur skoonmakers, bediendes, tuiniers en voormalige werknemers.
  2. Rowers monitor huise vir so lank as 2 weke voor die misdaad.
  3. Meeste aanvalle vind plaas tussen 19:00 en middernag wanneer mense ontspanne is, kook of TV kyk, sekuriteit stelsels is gewoonlik nie aktief in die tyd nie. Rooftogte duur egter voort tot 04:00 in die oggend.
  4. 97% van inbrekers is gewapen.
  5. Gemiddeld bestaan ’n gewapende huisroofbende uit 4 lede.
  6. Dit is ’n mite dat net wit mense slagoffers is van rooftogte — enige iemand wat rykdom vertoon, is ‘n teiken.
  7. Die gemiddelde ouderdom van ’n huis rower is tussen 19 en 26 jaar.
  8. ‘n Gemiddeld van 30% van alle huisrowers het reeds moord gepleeg, óf sal nie skroom om moord te pleeg nie.
  9. Slegs 17% van huisrowers is buitelanders.
  10. 90% van alle gearresteerde rowers het geen matriek nie of is werkloos. Die 10% wat vantevore gewerk het, het ophou werk toe hulle sien hoeveel hulle kan “verdien” met ‘n rooftog.
  11. Die meeste slagoffers en teikens is welgestelde mense wat hul welvaart vertoon met duur motors, juwele, duur huise, ens.
  12. Die gemiddelde rower pleeg 103 rooftogte in 7 jaar voordat hy gevang word.
  13. Die meeste rowers se huise of basisse, is 10 tot 30 minute se ry vanaf die teiken adres.
  14. Klein hondjies in die huis, is een van die beste afskrikmiddels en gee vroeë waarskuwing.
  15. Die skuldigbevindingsyfer vir inbrake in Suid-Afrika is slegs 7,67%. In die VSA is dit 53%.


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